About us

We are committed to providing outstanding care and support for individuals with substance use disorders.

At Success Care, we believe that addressing substance use disorder requires a holistic approach encompassing clinical, social, and psychological care needs. That's why we developed an integrated care model to bridge these aspects, providing comprehensive support for all recovery journeys.

Overcoming substance use disorder demands a holistic approach that addresses clinical, social, and psychological care needs. We are committed to providing outstanding care through our comprehensive support for all recovery journeys.

Our Values

Our values drive us to positively change and innovate the understanding and treatment of substance use disorders. You won't find any stigma here; we aim to improve your experience at every step of your recovery.






What does the Hummingbird symbolize?

The Hummingbird symbolizes our belief that each moment in life is important.

This bird is resilient, adaptable, and can fly in all directions, reminding us that progress in care isn't always linear.

We also leaned on inspiration from origami, where even a simple fold can transform a blank piece of paper into something beautiful.

Together, the two show the transformative power of each small step in a person's care journey.

Not every moment in a care journey is a milestone or a step forward.

We understand that setbacks and side steps are a part of the recovery process. By recognizing the significance of even the seemingly small or overlooked experiences, we can reshape the status quo and deliver the support necessary for lasting change.


of our patients reported a great deal of trust in Success Care to take care of their health needs.

You’re not alone.

You deserve to feel seen and supported by someone who gets it.

At Success Care, our peer support specialists will help you with care coordination, resources, and the social support you need to thrive. They’ve been in similar shoes, so they’re on your side and know how important it is to have support every moment of your journey

Experience Matters

Your peer support has been here and has their own experiences, offering relatable and personalized support to those facing challenges.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Your peer support specialist is here to give consistent guidance you can count on throughout the recovery.

We Make Getting Care Simple

Our team works hard to connect individuals with the right resources and support at the right time.

Success Care Advisory Board

Dr. Ali Khan

Dean of the College of Public Health
Dr. Ali Khan is the Dean of the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and former Assistant Surgeon General and Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He is a tenured Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and has an extensive background focused on emerging infectious diseases and global health security.
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Solome Tibebu

Founder and CEO of Behavioral Health Tech
Solome Tibebu is the founder and CEO of Behavioral Health Tech, the largest community dedicated to advancing access to mental health and substance use services through technology, health equity and innovation. Previously, Tibebu was founding director of The Upswing Fund for Adolescent Mental Health. Through The Upswing Fund, Tibebu and her team funded over 100 community-based organizations and nonprofits nationwide focused on supporting the mental health of LGBTQ+ teens and adolescents of color.
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Andrey Ostrovsky, MD

Managing Partner at Social Innovation Ventures
The former chief medical officer of the U.S. Medicaid program, Dr. Ostrovsky is now the managing partner at Social Innovation Ventures, where he invests in and advises companies and nonprofits dedicated to eliminating health disparities. Dr. Ostrovsky currently teaches faculty and is an attending physician at Children's National Medical Center and has been outspoken about the death of his uncle, who died of a drug overdose at 45.
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Rich Bagger

Partner and Executive Director of Christie 55 Solutions
Rich Bagger is a Partner and Executive Director of Christie 55 Solutions, a New Jersey based consulting firm. Previously, Bagger worked in the health sector for over 25 years and in public service as Chief of Staff for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, a New Jersey State Senator, and Mayor of Westfield, New Jersey.
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Kevin Lynch

Founder and CEO of TheQuell Foundation
Kevin Lynch is the founder and CEO of The Quell Foundation, which aims to reduce the number of suicides, drug overdoses and incarceration of people living with a mental illness. As his twelve-year career in the elite United States Naval Submarine Force ended, Kevin moved into the healthcare industry to continue his commitment of caring and fighting for others. The Quell Foundation’s scholarship program has increased from 16 scholarships in 2016 to over 1,800 scholarships today, distributing over $3.2 million in awards to students attending over 480 different colleges and universities in all fifty states.
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